I am a family photographer living in Milwaukee,Wisconsin with my partner and 6 year old son. Together we love to ride bikes, go on hikes, try new restaurants, build forts, play legos, go camping, play sequence and have movie night. 

Some random things about me: 

Children and funny people are my favorite humans on the planet... I really could eat pizza everyday... I can't live without coffee...I like to wonder, like what happened before the big bang? Or, where do all the socks go?....I could use more patience. I should be less sarcastic. I suck at discipline... I like movies about love (especially if made in the 80's by John Hughes)...Forests and art museums are my sanctuaries... I do the happy dance when anthropologie and ikea catalogs come in the mail... I sing in the car...

Writing about myself: not my favorite.



1. I went to college for a total of 10 years. Not all at once, but yah, a good chunk of my life has been spent behind a desk.

2. I have lived in 29 houses in 3 states.

3. I've saved every movie and concert ticket since 1989. First movie ticket saved? Dirty Dancing!

4. My first car I ever bought was a 1984 red fiero. Tiny two seater. Hey, i love the 80's!

5. I won the Middle School Science Fair when i was in 7th grade. Or i should say, my dad did!  But, I've been kind of a science geek since then. 



1. learn to sail.

2. buy a vintage camper and road trip with family for a summer.

3. go to a live snl show.

4. eat pizza in italy.

5. make a short film.